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Tempest Battery Charger

BC-48-3000F 48V 3.0Amp

IMC Intelligent / Smart Charger
Model No. : BC-48-3000F (48V3.0A)
3-stage microprocessor base charging system
AC100-120V, 50/60Hz


Improper Connection
(Reverse Polarity)
Will Permanently
Damage Charger


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1. Input Data:
1.1 Input Voltage & Frequency: Input Voltage 100~120VAC,Frequency 50Hz~60Hz;
1.2 Efficiency:More than 80%(load current of charger is 3.0A);
1.3 Input current:below 2.5A, when battery is being charger
1.4 Input Surge Current: When Voltage is 120VAC,Input Surge current is less than 50A;
1.5 Input Current Leakage: when voltage is 120VAC,leak current is less than 0.25mA;
2. Output Data:
2.1 Output Charging Voltage:
Maximum charging voltage:DC 59.4ą0.4V,float charging voltage DC 55.4Vą0.4V

2.2 Output Charging Current (limited current):
Rating charging current is DC 3.0A ,in range DC 2.8A----3.3A;
3-stage progressive charging program by steps:
1-Constant Current Charging: Raises battery voltage to reach about 80% full
2-Constant voltage Charging: Holds battery voltage at 80% and forces current to top
3-Float Maintenance: Maintain the fully charged battery at a proper working voltage
2.3 LED Display:
1st step : LED → green (indicates power on)
2nd step: LED → red (indicates bulk charge)
3rd step: LED → green (means battery is ready to use and charge turns to float charge mode)

2.4 Output Charging Characteristic:
Note: This chart is based on 4 12V20Ah battery. Charging time should be determined by battery amp hour capacity.
2.5 Short Circuit Protection:Shorting the outputs will not damage the charger.
2.6 Stability of Circuit:Charger performance will be stable within the input voltage ranges.
2.7 Caution: Reverse polarity (positive to negative or negative to positive) will damage the charger.
3. Mechanical Characteristics:
3.1 Materials used in construction
Case:PC+ABS black plastic
Input Plug: UL standard plug, 0.75*2 AC cable, length 47in.
Output cable: AWG18# ; PVC; 47in. black

3.2 Dimensions:Length 6in.  Width 2.8in. Height 1.8in.

3.3 Dropping Test
Charger dropped from 1.0m height to a 10mm pine board, repeat it for 4 times on each side;
Result: no crack / break, no damage; all related data remains correct.

3.4 Vibration Test:
The charger was placed on a Vibration desk:
Frequency: 5-55Hz
Acceleration: 20m/s
Direction: X/Y/Z 3 directions
Test Time: 1h respectively
Result: no damage/degeneration, all related data remains correct.

3.5 High Voltage characteristics:
A high voltage of 3,000VAC between input and output terminal, current leak is less than
10mA,continue 60 seconds; 1 second on production line.
4. Others
4. 1 Stock Environment
Temperature : -25°C----+70°C;Humidity:5% - 90%;

4. 2 Work Environment
Temperature:- 0°C----+40°C, Humidity:5% - 90%;
5.Out put Connectors

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